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Merrie Shinder - Thursday, October 06, 2011

FlowersI'm feeling tulips.... seeing them everywhere from ready-to-wear and tabletop to ceramics and wallpaper.  Not the realistic, stiff tulips that are so very 17th century Dutch but the OVER-SIZED,  floppy, energetic tulips popping up to brighten my mood and challenge color and scale boundaries.  For a while now I've been obsessed with Suzy Hoodless' Jewel of Spring Collection for Osborne & Little.  Her fresh, vibrant take is larger than life and combines a new color palette for an effect my friend's son named a "tattoo of tulips" when he saw their  dining room walls papered in it.  Sanderson has their own wallpaper version that's more painterly and realistic but it's overall pattern treatment conveys the same joyful tone.

All these large,  happy tulips remind me of the grand scaled wall and table sculptures from the 60's.  I have one  in my living room that must have been a light at one time.    People comment about it all the time because it's scale looks like something out of an old science fiction movie and I love the way the stems weave in and out and the energy the piece gives off.

Feeling the "tulip moment" I  decided to make a Tulip sconce .. yes intensely colored and super BIG.  It's now part of the Canopy line and of course it can be custom colored because you can never have enough color choices.   I'm going to keep all my tulip visuals around me.... the wallpaper samples scattered around my office to shield me from and get me through the inevitable NY winter.

(Canopy sconce on left measures:  43" high x 26" wide)

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